Terra Security Inc. was founded to help companies stop wasting money on useless, counterproductive cybersecurity. Our mission is to innovate straightforward, transparent solutions that are genuinely effective, elegant, easy-to-use, and economical as well.

Complexity Delusion

So many companies hype the millions and billions of data points they analyze, their ‘artificial intelligence’, and ‘machine learning algorithms’. Meanwhile, their customers get hacked left and right. What’s really going on?

The sad truth is that complexity births vulnerabilities – it doesn’t get rid of them. The more you rely on artificial intelligence and other complexities, the more vulnerable you become. Not the other way around.

Simplicity Paradox

The plain truth? Simplicity births security. For example, what offers greater login security: complex Intrusion Detection Systems with billions of data points factored into machine learning algorithms, or simple 2-Factor? 2-Factor offers a quantum leap in security over Intrusion Detection Systems – even those with over-hyped ‘artificial intelligence’. That’s why 2-Factor is gaining traction. It’s the replacement for the complex, ineffective, expensive systems.

Artificial-intelligence-driven Intrusion Detection with real-time data input is costly, complicated, and counterproductive. In stark contrast, 2-Factor is effective, elegant, easy-to-use, and economical as well. Here is where truest security is found.

Take Google as an example. Google rolled out 2-Factor to all of its 85,000 employees to protect all their work-related logins. For the next two years, no hacker succeeded in gaining unauthorized access to these accounts. A tremendous security accomplishment using 2-Factor. Incredibly simple. Incredibly secure.

It’s time to apply the 2-Factor mentality to all hacking vectors – not just internal company logins alone. Only then can the world finally move past the days when hackers have free reign over any device they want.

2-Factor Style Solutions

2-Factor simplicity is the design criteria for both of Terra’s Triads: (C)lient Triad and (S)erver triad.

Our Client Triad includes:

  • PhishViewer
  • Site Enforcer
  • Trojan Trapper

Our Server Triad includes:

  • Terra Factor
  • SQL Scramber
  • Data Doppleganger

Combined together, you’ve got the strongest protection possible against remote hacker data exfiltration.

Attack Vector2-Factor Style
Email Phishing LinksPhishViewer
Visiting Hijacked WebsitesSite Enforcer
Trojans and SpywareTrojan Trapper
Stolen Login CredentialsTerra Factor
Database Command InjectionSQL Scramble
Server Remote Code Execution /
Server Data Exfiltration
Data Doppleganger

A secure internet is coming soon. We hope you join us.