PhishViewer’s maker, Terra Security Inc., is a startup founded by Michael Wood. In his last company, Michael sold a data communications technology to Micromuse for $42 million. This technology was the core component of the product line Micromuse subsequently sold to IBM for $865 million. Michael’s technology enabled Micromuse to achieve the highest acquisition price in the network management arena (compared to Computer Associates’ acquistion of Concord Communications for $350 million, and EMC’s acquisition of Smarts for $260 million). In other words, Michael’s prior patent proved to be the best-in-class solution to the problem of network management.

Michael has recently filed new best-in-class solutions to the various type of hacking attacks. The first commercially available product based on these patents is PhishViewer Enterprise.

Michael is certainly no stranger to cybersecurity innovation. At the young age of 19, Michael created the strongest block cipher in the history of cryptography, as documented in Differential Cryptanalysis of Snefru, Khafre, REDOC-II, LOKI and Lucifer. See video below for a brief summary of the the historic results reported by the aforementioned reference:

Additional patents by Michael Wood include: