PhishViewer Enterprise

PhishViewer Enterprise has been engineered to allow even the largest companies to protect all employees in just a matter of minutes. PhishViewer Enterprise consists of two Linux applications that run onsite:

  • PhixMail Switch: PhixMail Switch is positioned between your email server and your employees’ email applications. Your employees connect to PhixMail Switch using any IMAP email software. PhixMail Switch replaces, in real time, every link contained in emails with a link to the PhishViewer Analyzer instead.
  • PhishViewer Analyzer: When an employee clicks an email link, the original URL is passed to PhishViewer Analyzer. PhishViewer Analyzer shows the final destination and the owner of the final destination. It also gives the user the option to wormhole straight to the final destination (if the final destination is who the user expected).

Both apps run locally on your own servers. In other words, all sensitive emails are transformed onsite, keeping confidential information completely inhouse. PhishViewer Enterprise has also been designed with other crucial features:

  • Every Email is Processed 100% In Memory: In other words, no email contents are written to a database nor to disk. This eliminates administrative overhead regarding regulatory privacy and security concerns, since no personal information is stored in the first place.
  • PhishViewer Enterprise is 100% Stateless: In other words, large organizations can place multiple switches behind a load balancer right out of the box. PhishViewer Enterprise can literally scale from one user to hundreds of millions of users, right from the start, with no additional configuration at all.
  • PhishViewer Enterprise Requires Zero App Deployment: There are zero apps to distribute to your employees, fully eliminating this administrative concern. Your employees continue to use the same email apps, making deployment effortless for administrators and users alike.

Enterprises simply need to install the Linux software and instruct their employees to change their email IMAP settings to point to the PhixMail Switch (instead of connecting directly to the email server). That’s it. Every employee is now fully protected from email phishing links – regardless of the devices they are using – regardless of the operating system – regardless of which email app they are using – regardless of which browser the email app uses when links are clicked – regardless of which email server your company uses. PhishViewer Enterprise has been engineered to be seamlessly deployed in minutes – even in the largest organizations.

So how much does this ingeniously-engineered, genuine security cost? Only $2 per employee per month.

PhishViewer Enterprise finally gives your company full protection from email phishing links, in a manner that can be deployed in minutes, in a manner that keeps all sensitive information confidential, in a manner that can scale to meet any performance requirement, all for $2 per employee per month. PhishViewer Enterprise is truly cybersecurity reimagined.