PhishViewer Office

If your company already has a Linux server, we highly recommend PhishViewer Enterprise. If your company doesn’t have a Linux server, or you simply wish to outsource email administration, then PhishViewer Office is recommended instead.

PhishViewer Office consists of two components:

  • Email Hosted by Tucows, Inc.: With PhishViewer Office, your emails are hosted by Tucows, Inc. Tucows is the largest wholesale domain registrar in the world, as well as providing email hosting to over 4 million users. Through our relationship with Tucows Inc., your emails will be hosted on their fast, reliable, and secure email server clusters.
  • Turn-Key PhixMail Switch and PhishViewer Analyzer: You will access your Tucows’ hosted emails through our PhixMail Switch. The PhixMail Switch automatically replaces, in real time, every link in your emails with a link to our PhishViewer Analyzer. Whenever an employee clicks an email link, the PhishViewer analyzer shows them the final destination, and the owner of the final destination. If the final destination is who they expected, PhishViewer Analyzer can wormhole them straight there.

PhishViewer Office combines world-class email hosting with the first true solution to the problem of email phishing links. PhishViewer Office will be available Fall 2019. We encourage you to sign up for early-adopter discount pricing, and status updates, below.