Privacy Policy

PhishViewer’s website is currently hosted and managed by We ourselves do not add any cookies or tracking. However, you do need to know the Privacy Policy for WordPress and the Cookies Policy for WordPress.

If you contact us via the contact forms, our company will receive an email containing the information that you sent. In other words, the contact form is a way for you to send us an email. We do not post your information anywhere else, nor do we provide your information to third parties.

If you send us an email either directly or via a contact form, we will interpret this as a request to receive additional information and emails from our company. You will remain on our email contact list until you unsubscribe via the link provided in our email communications.

We have disabled the comment sections on all pages to prevent the possibility of personal information being unwittingly exposed.

The PhishViewer Switch protects your privacy and security in the highest possible manner. To understand PhishViewer’s extreme privacy and security measures, see PhishViewer Security Measures.