Setup Android

When you delete an email account in an iPhone or iPad, the emails are automatically deleted as well. Android, however, requires you to manually reset your email app. Therefore, you will need to take three steps:

  • Remove the email account from the app.
  • Delete the storage used by the email app.
  • Reinstall the email account using the PhishViewer IMAP settings.

To delete the storage, click the settings app.

  • Settings->General->Storage->Other apps->Email
  • Clear data
  • Clear cache

Next follow the install instructions below with two very important changes:

  • Choose Manual Setup -> IMAP4, regardless of whether your service provider is listed or not. You will need to manually enter in your IMAP and SMTP settings.
  • Use the following for IMAP Incoming Server:
    • IMAP4 Server:
    • Security Type: SSL
    • Port: 993
    • Username: [your full email address]
    • Password: [email password]

All other settings remain the same as before, including your SMTP (outgoing server) settings.