Technical Specifications

PhishViewer MX Appliance

PhishViewer MX Appliance has three software components:

  • PostFix Content Filter: The software that wraps our on-click security around every link is a content filter written 100% in C for the PostFix Mail Server. The filter receives input via SMTP and outputs the contents via SMTP. Therefore, any Mail Server that utilizes SMTP-based filters should be compatible with this software. However, our company solely offers support for PostFix implementations.
  • PhishViewer Analyzer: This software runs on a standard LAMP stack. It’s written in PHP, HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Therefore, this software should run on any standard Linux platform. However, our company solely offers support for Redhat/Centos implementations using Apache/MariaDB.
  • Owner Registration: We offer this as an added option via a standard PHP service that returns the owner registration in JSON format. If you wish to provide your own registration service, you only need to copy our JSON response format to do so.

PhishViewer MX Cloud

PhishViewer MX Cloud has the same three software components above, in addition to:

  • Third-Party Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam Filtering: Our company focuses on the anti-phishing technology, and we currently use Tucows Inc. to pre-filter spam and viruses. Tucows Inc. currently supports almost 5 million email addresses with their security. Therefore, to use PhishViewer MX Cloud:
    • Point your DNS MX records to Tucow’s servers.
    • Tucow’s relays the spam/virus filtered emails to PhishViewer MX Cloud.
    • PhishViewer MX Cloud wraps the links in every email with a redirect to our real-time analyze.
    • PhishViewer MX Cloud relays the modified emails to your server for storage and retrieval.

PhishViewer MX Cloud intentionally decouples the pre-filter from the anti-phishing technology. In this way, you can choose to use any third-party service or even an inhouse appliance. In this case, just configure your chosen pre-filter to relay the emails PhishViewer MX Cloud.